Romanticism or related problems is the main reference in my paintings, at a conceptual and graphic level. Another source of motivation is the realm of the metaphysical associated to thismovement; the liberation of the spirit over human passion and the sensible world that is linked with the concept of the sublime. These works deals mainly with a feeling that is captured from the outside to displace rationality, as an exacerbation of the sensible worldthat liberates the spirit, so passion and reality come together in harmony.

I could say that my imagination is characterized by a series of formal resources such as chiaroscuro, night lights, the atmosphere and objects that can easily be associated withromance; ruins, trees, images with dark backgrounds. These resources and oil paint usingmuch esfumatto and yet much matter and stains. These factors can be seen in my paintings as these resources are put into activity achieving a homogeneity in the in terms of materiality which is also shown as the same density expands over the entire painting surface.